Advice for Clients

Undertaking any building project requires time, space and understanding. We also abide by the following rules:


  • We need space to work, please ensure the rooms we are working in are completly clear of any belongings and loose furniture. If we have to clear your items away it will add time and money to your project.
  • Make your design decisions early and stick to them, any delays to design or changing your mind on agreed designs will incur additional costs and delay the programme.
  • Skips, we allow a number of skips to undertake the project to remove waste from site. Please remember these are our skips and not for client rubbish. Client and 3rd party contractors using our skips will incur additional costs and may delay the programme.
  • Additional works, please speak to our site foreman about any extras you may require, we will provide a quote for these additional works and ask you to sign the quotation off, if you do not agree with the costs we will not do the works.
  • Specialist/Bespoke orders, please ensure you give us plenty of notice to order any specialist/bespoke items as these have much longer lead times to site for installation. Delays in this process will cause additional costs and delays to the programme.


Thank you for your understanding.









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